• Reasons to Garden

    Reasons to Garden

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    Grow your own food Growing your own food allows you to choose the varieties you love. Have you noticed in the grocery store there are usually only three different kindsĀ of tomatoes? There are more than 10,000 known cultivars! You can even go as far as choosing a tomato that has the right acidity for...

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    Tangerines and Mandarins Are the Same!

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    Mandarins were the commonly used name before the Dancy Tangerine was marketed in America. As this new orange-red cultivar became popular and other cultivars were still called mandarins, they were believed to be different. Some horticulturalists still use the term tangerine for darker colored mandarins but they are the same!


    Ready to Sprout?

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    Sprouts sandwichSprouts are by far more nutrient dense than their mature plant versions. This is because a seed is not just a baby plant, it is also a tiny package of nutrients and enzymes ready to spring into action at germination. While types of sprouts vary, generally, studies show sprouting increases the quality and/or quantity of enzymes, digestible protein and starch, B-vitamins, and amino acids. But best of all, you can grow sprouts any time, even in the dead of winter, and most sprouts are ready to eat in 2-7 days!
    With 13 certified organic sprouts to choose from, there are sprouts for nearly every recipe.
    (Images shown/available below:


    Sandwich Mix – Our own special blend for fabulous sandwiches-sweet, mild alfalfa and red clover, with zesty, piquant radish.


    Houseplants to Make a Home

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    Houseplants clean the air in your home, add life, and visual interest to the room. Indoor plants can increase oxygen, allowing you to add fresh air to a stuffy room. Indoor plants are known to remove pollutants from your home such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Here are our favorite photos of inspiration...

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    January Happenings

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    Before Christmas Sale

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    BeforeChristmas_600Monday, December 22nd – 20% off

    Tuesday, December 23rd – 30% off

    Wednesday, December 24th – 40% off

    (please note we are only open until 2pm on Christmas Eve)

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