• Tips for Using Drip Systems

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    1. Turn off the automatic timer or at least turn it back to 1 day per week. Why? The timer doesn’t know if it has rained recently. The timer doesn’t know that today is 10 degrees or more cooler than yesterday. All of this factors affect water use!

    2. Check the lines frequently to make sure each dripper is running, is not clogged and there are no leaks.
    3. Run the drip system for the appropriate amount of time! No sure how long? Just ask us! Hint: It is not how many minutes, but hours! Or read Farmer Fred’s Rant about drip systems here.



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    Our popular sale featuring Harvest Supreme is back!!

    For a limited time, buy 3 bags of Harvest Supreme, get the 4th one FREE!!

    The first 3 bags must be purchased at full price. Offer can not be combined with any other coupon or discount.

    Tips for Planting Vegetable Gardens

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    Anytime I plant something, the very first thing I do is prepare the soil. The soil has to support and feed the plant so it is vital for healthy productive plants. Here is how I plant my veggies:

    1. Make sure the soil is not compacted but rototilling or digging the entire bed is not necessary.

    2. Mix in soil amendment. (more…)

    Japanese Maples

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    In case you haven’t noticed, Japanese Maples are BEAUTIFUL here in the Central Valley right now! You will find almost 70 varieties of these gorgeous specimens right here at The Greenery.

    This is the best time to pick out your new Japanese Maple!

    Here’s a list to peruse.

    Want to know more?

    Check out our upcoming seminar (more…)

    The Tomato King is Coming!

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    We are pleased to announce that on April 4th we will have Steve Goto at The Greenery to teach us more about Tomatoes! Steve is an expert nurseryman and lecturer based in southern California. He uses organic gardening practices to grow over a 900 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables. Learn from Steve all the tips and tricks to successful tomato harvest.


    Everything you want to know about growing Organic Tomatoes Seminar

    Cost: $3 per person at the door

    Saturday, April 4th 10am & 1:30pm (more…)

    Responsible Water Use in the Landscape

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    Here we are in a 4th year of a severe drought with no end in sight. We are all facing moderate to severe watering restrictions depending on where we live. However, we can do better than we are being asked, to reduce water. The Greenery has been striving to educate gardeners on responsible water use for decades. In the mid-late 2000′s when California began to be concerned about water supplies we created several information handouts full of information to help our customers reduce and conserve water. You can find them on our California Friendly page.

    On our California Friendly page you will find basic tips on watering the landscape, tips for proper and responsible watering of trees and shrubs, tips for lawns as well as a list of California Friendly plants that you can find at The Greenery. While the water needs of your landscape is not the same for every yard and garden the basic tips will get you started. The knowledgeable staff at The Greenery can help you one on one (FREE of charge!) deal with your specific landscape. If a site visit is needed, however, there is a charge. See our Services page for more details.

    In the meantime here are a few quick tips: (more…)

    Reducing or Eliminating your Lawn?

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    While lawns have a specific use they are largely unnecessary. Personally I won’t remove all my lawn since I have young children who need a wide open area to run and play. However I HAVE reduced the size of my front lawn by about 30% and 2 years ago removed altogether it in the back yard. I also only water my lawn MAYBE once per week right now, which only began last week whereas since last October I have MAYBE watered it once per month. Guess what folks, my lawn is still green! What’s the difference? I water 25-30 minutes at each watering. However I have very sandy soil. If you have heavier soil you can’t water that long. Please ask one of our staff how to water deeply in difficult soils.

    If you are thinking about letting your lawn go dry or removing it, there are things to consider: (more…)


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    our Certified Preserving Expert

    Adria of The Greenery and her upcoming seminars!

    Adria will share her knowledge and passion for preserving local or homegrown fruits and vegetables during several seminars this year. She will cover herbs, tomatoes, berries and many more. See the list below and watch for more classes to come. Click to reserve your seat.

    4/25 Growing, Using & Preserving Herbs

    5/16 Preserving Fresh Berries

    6/13 Preserving Safely

    7/25 Preserving Tomatoes