• Plant Fall bulbs and Winter flowers now!

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    If you are like me, I really need the cheery color that winter flowers like pansies and cyclamen give during the dark, cold winter months. The only thing better than that is the early signs of spring as the fall planted bulbs emerge and bloom! Did you know you can combine them for non-stop color?


    Choose your favorite spring flowering bulbs. Next choose your favorite winter flowers. Mine are Cyclamen for the shade and Pansies for the sun. I always do a red and white theme because I love Christmas.


    It’s time to plant Sweet Peas!

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    The combination of fragrance, colorful clusters, and a climbing habit makes Sweet Peas a favorite among gardeners and non-gardeners, alike. Known for the more perfumed varieties, sweet peas are often described as smelling like a mix of honey and orange blossoms. Sweet peas are either a climbing or a bushy plant. (more…)

    Fall Cleanup Dos and Don’ts

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    I wanted to set the record straight on a few common fall garden chores. California, and especially Central California, is very specialized and lucky area to garden in. We have long wonderful growing seasons, pronounced seasons yet not extremely cold winters. We can grow many things here that other parts of the country can only dream of growing. So let’s get started…


    1. Summer garden cleanup. Prune back frost hardy perennials and shrubs to shape and only if they look bad. Perennials that are still green are storing energy for next year so don’t prune leaves off! Deadheading is a good idea unless you want to leave the seeds for the wild birds. Summer veggies that are done producing should be removed. This is a good time to mulch the bare soil well if you don’t plan on planting a winter garden. If you are planting a winter garden, see #3!

    2. Fertilize your lawn (more…)

    Sow Cover Crops now!

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    Why Sow Cover Crops?

    Cover crops, also known as green manures, are one of the cornerstones of sustainable agriculture. Weeding, harvesting, and even foot traffic can degenerate the soil of a home garden. Utilizing cover crops, such as fast-growing grains, legumes, and grasses, can improve the soil, suppress weeds, and aid in controlling pests.  Use cover crops in fallow garden beds during the off season to help build the soil for a healthier and more abundant garden next year!


    Special Order Fruit Trees

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    from Dave Wilson Nursery

    Apples ~ Pears ~ Plums ~ Apricots ~ Jujubes ~ Nectarines ~ Peaches

    Looking for a certain fruit tree? Maybe you prefer a certain rootstock? Order now!

    IT’S EASY (more…)