• Growing & Preserving Cilantro – You Can Grow That!

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    For those who have tried growing Cilantro and failed, like I have many times, I wanted to share with you my success. I have grown large crops of Cilantro every year…successfully!! This is what I do and how I preserve it.

    First, Cilantro is a short lived annual. It bolts quickly as the days get warmer and longer no matter how much you try to pinch off the flower buds. So PLANT IT NOW! I plant my Cilantro each February, even in frosty weather, and harvested it all by mid-April. That was all. My crops that I had planted after February bolted so quickly that there were no leaves to harvest. However, if your plants bolt too quickly, let the seeds develop and harvest them. Use them for coriander in cooking or use them to plant next year!



    There’s still time for Winter Veggies & Spring Herbs!

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    Did you know you can plant Parsley now and harvest it this spring? Yes you can! Choose from Triple Curled Parsley which is great for garnishes or for the Culinary Herb Garden choose the flat leafed Italian Parsley which has superior flavor for cooking!

    Last chance, PLANT NOW for this spring’s harvest: Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce, Onion, Snap Peas, Shelling Peas, Kale, Mustard Greens.

    There is also still time to plant: Lettuce, Arugula, Spinach, Artichoke (seedling), Carrots, Beets, Radishes, turnips and turnip greens.

    All vegetables in second list except Artichokes can be planted in succession 2-4 weeks apart. Succession planting is just repeated plantings to ensure a continued crop since these plants produce 1 primary crop and maybe a small secondary crop then they are finished.

    Herbs: all hardy perennial herbs can be planted anytime now for a bigger harvest this spring, summer and fall! What are hardy herbs? Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano and more.

    Want to plant some spring greens but aren’t sure how? Check out our upcoming seminar Make & Take Lettuce Bowl.

    Happy Winter/Spring Veggie Season!


    You Can Grow That is a group of Garden Writers that Adria is a member of. This group is passionate about promoting gardening for the greater good.

    Late Winter Gardening Checklist

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    If you‘re like me, these beautiful afternoons here in the Central Valley have me itching to get some gardening done. However, it is still very early to be doing too much so here’s a few things that we recommend you can do in the garden now:

    1. Fertilize winter annuals like Cyclamen, Pansies, etc. The cold wet winter we have had has made blooming winter annuals a little ragged so feeding them now as the days are getting longer will give them an extra push for gorgeous color for the rest of this season. I recommend a good water soluble fertilizer that will encourage blooming like Superbloom or MaxSea Bloom.


    Growing Potatoes ~ in containers YOU CAN GROW THAT!

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    Well, it’s that time again, time to plant potatoes! In our climate potatoes need to be planted before the soil is warm. I recommend planting between January and March. Here are varieties that are typically available at The Greenery.

    Look for our upcoming seminar Planting & Growing Potatoes. Click here for information or to sign up!

    Here’s a step-by-step for planting potatoes in containers.


    Bareroot Fruit Trees HAVE ARRIVED!!

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    It’s that time, that time you’ve been waiting for all year! BAREROOT FRUIT TREES ARE HERE! Available through the end of February, this is the best time to plant bareroot fruit trees. Hurry for best selection. Watch the newsletter and social media for highlights of new varieties and old favorites.

    Want to know more about planting Bareroot Fruit Trees? We have a seminar on January 17th at 10am. Click here for details or to register.

    Here’s a quick list of what has arrived. Click here:

    Bare Root Price List 2015

    Bare Root Multi Grafted Price 2015

    Frosty Photo Contest

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    Let’s have a little fun with the upcoming freezing temperatures!

    1. Take a picture of a frosty scene in your yard

    2. Upload to Facebook or Twitter with the #greenerynsy hashtag or email photo to info@greenerynsy.com

    3. Winner will be chosen on Tuesday January 6th by The Greenery Staff

    One winner will win a FREE Frost Blanket!

    Winner must confirm prize, agree to publish their name and winning photo and be able to pick up prize at The Greenery. No substitutions, exchanges or refund for prize.
    And the winner is…Gloria Lujan!

    Freezing Temperatures ARE HERE!

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      If you haven’t been taking measures to protect sensitive plants DO IT NOW! Since they are predicting multiple nights below freezing it can do more harm to sensitive plants than 1 night would.

    How to protect plants

    1. Water: Make sure the soil around the plants is thoroughly moist. Since we just had a good rain you only have to check potted plants. Only water if the soil is dry! You CAN  overwater  in the winter! Soil moisture is important in the winter since it keeps the plant hydrated from the dry winter cold (even though we are having a wet winter!) and will keep the surrounding area warmer since water has a higher average temperature than air. If you’re not sure if the soil is dry, pick up a moisture meter at the nursery. It is an inexpensive tool that will save you time, water and money!


    Fruit Tree Maintenance – due now

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    This post pertains to what we call “Stone fruits” like Peaches, Plums, Prunes, Nectarines, Cherries, Apricots, etc.

    Apricot flowers


    If you haven’t already it is time to prune your fruit trees. Once the leaves have fallen off it allows us to see the framework of the tree better so we can make the best pruning selections possible. This is a practice used in conjunction with Backyard Orchard Culture which is a method of summer pruning to keep your trees small. For more information on Backyard Orchard Culture click  see Dave Wilson Nursery’s website. If you only prune one time of year then this is the time to do it. Kyle recommends pruning as early in the winter (now!) as possible for the most flower buds next year. For more tips see Notes from Kyle’s Winter Fruit Tree Seminar or our Timely Tips for Fruit Trees article.

    If you missed our seminar about Fruit trees you can check out a few of our YouTube videos for some pruning tips. If you still have questions you may ask them here to drop by the nursery and our staff can assist you! Don’t forget to use clean, sharp pruners and don’t prune on a wet day. If you would like to read further about pruning fruit trees, drop by and ask for our favorite book!