• Adria’s Favorite Tomato Recipes!

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    I have been asked many time to share my recipes. These are recipes that I have found somewhere (and failed to note the original source) or have adapted to my taste. These are all recipes that I almost exclusively cook or can from my garden! I hope you enjoy them as I do.

    Adria’s Pasta Sauce


    16 oz tomato sauce (see Adria’s Easy Tomato Sauce)

    1/2 lb ground beef (omit if only water bath) (more…)

    SALE: Canning Jars

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    Another Preserving Tip…Journal!

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    For those who know me, I am an obsessive note taker. I am the crazy person who weighs and logs in all the produce from my garden (yeah I really do!). I also have a journal where I record my preserving endeavors. I do this for multiple reasons:

    1. So I know what I actually did! With the craziness of life I don’t need to try to remember these things, do  you?

    2. So I know what recipe I used. With all the resources out there these days I drive myself crazy trying to remember. Was it in my Ball Book? On Pinterest? Another website? Did I make any changes to the recipe?


    The many ways to preserve Peaches!

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    Here we are, already rolling into midsummer and it’s Peach season! Here in California’s Central Valley, if you don’t have your own Peach tree you are probably friends with a farmer or someone who does! If not, most cities have a Certified Farmers Market and lots of fruit stands that you can buy fresh local produce from. Peaches, like many fruit trees, are such abundant producers that you usually run out of ideas to use them all! Of course if you have a tree and have used all you can with some remaining, please find your local food pantry to donate to!

    Here are some of the many ways you can preserve Peaches. If you need some tips on where to start, see my previous post here.


    Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce

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    You too can “put up” your own tomato sauce and not slave away all day to do it! I am a wife, homemaker and mother of 3 kids under 7. I’m busy but growing and preserving is important to me, so I fit it in. Here’s how I made tomato sauce while still having time to visit with friends, exercise and take care of my family.


    Introducing Mini Garden Workshops!

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    Have you attended one of our Fairy Garden seminars but your garden needs a little help? Want to change the theme? Check out these workshops!

    Greenery Staff will be on hand to help you design, redesign or just update your mini garden. Just select and plant desired plants, select desired accessories, pay for what you use!

    1) Register for desired date

    2) bring your Mini Garden or Container with you

    3) pay $3 fee at the door on that day.

    We have scheduled 3 dates: July 9th, July 30th and August 13th.

    Cost is $3 fee per fairy garden. All Workshops are 9:30am –11am. Take as little or as much time as you need! Space is limited, registration is required. Sign up at the nursery or by going to greenerynsy.com/calendar

    Got Nutgrass?

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    photo credit: http://www.ktrh.com

    If you’ve had nutgrass, you know what a nuisance it can be. For those who aren’t sure if you have it, you can bring a fresh sample by The Greenery and we can identify it for you!

    What is Nutgrass?

    Nutgrass is a bright green grassy weed that pokes up where ever it prefers. If it is in the lawn you will notice that it is a different color and grows faster than the lawn. You may have tried pulling it only to find more pop up. This weed develops “nutlets” at the end of the roots that stay in the soil when you pull the plant out. A very clever form of self preservation! Each nutlet produces an entirely new plant!

    How to control Nutgrass


    Pest Alert: Spider Mites

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    photo courtesy of: http://ipm.ncsu.edu

    This year we are seeing a tremendous amount of spider mite damage. Spider mites are not new the the Central Valley. We usually see this insect later on in the summer as the long hot days of summer dry everything out. This year since we did not receive enough rain so the soil is already dry, causing a very early problem. These insects LOVE dry, dusty conditions and actually spread by riding on dust particles through the air!

    Spider mites can attack just about any plant but love certain plants like squash, melons, beans, almond trees and so many more.

    How to identify (more…)