• Greenery Gift Baskets

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    During Christmas shopping season, it can be overwhelming to put gift ideas together for so many people. We can help you create a gift basket that is wrapped and ready to give when you walk out the door. Here are some ideas for this season! Everyone has a friend that is “The Hostess,” the...

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    Tips for the holidays!

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    Are you ready for the holidays? Here are a few tips!

    SW lotions, candle, soap Canva

    Attending a party? Don’t forget the hostess gift! Find all sorts of hostess gifts in our gift shop. Choose from pretty scented soaps and lotions, seasonal scented candles and more. We even offer complimentary wrapping!

    SW Pub Style Mustard glam (2)Tantalizing appetizers for your guests. Find many different types of appetizers in our Pantry. Many are prepared or take minimal preparation. You can even find gluten free selections too!

    Delicious desserts for the end of a wonderful meal. Get ideas for your appetizers and desserts on our Pinterest board or just drop by and visit the Pantry. Ask for Debbie, our Gourmet Food specialist.

    Asian Citrus Psyllid – Protect your Trees!

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    Last week an Asian Citrus Psyllid was found on a citrus tree in Turlock. What’s the big deal?

    The concern about the Asian Citrus Psyllid is because it can carry the fatal citrus disease huanglongbing (HLB). HLB is incurable once the tree is infected. The bad part is that you may not know that your tree is infected until a year or two later when it begins to show symptoms. The disease will kill the tree within about 5 years, in the meantime it can allow the spread the disease by the Asian Citrus Psyllid. (more…)

    Frost Hardy Succulents

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    In the Central Valley, we have pretty extreme seasons. Summer days can be upwards of 110° and some winter nights as low as 28°. Asking plants from areas other than ours to be happy year round is not realistic. We have to choose plants carefully which can sometimes be overwhelming.

    Succulents, which are mostly native to frost-free areas have become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, most succulents are not able to withstand our freezing winter temperatures, making it hard to plan them into a landscape.

    But here’s a list of succulents that have cold hardiness of 28°F or lower! Feel free to put these in your pots and yards without hesitation. (No more frost cloths for these!)


    Graptoveria ‘Opalina’ 28°


    Waterwise Wednesday

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    Firecracker Penstemon or Penstemon eatoni is a great waterwise addition for color in late winter through early spring. Fast growing but only reaching 1’x1′ making it great for pots! Plant now for red winter blooms.

    Timely Drought Tip: Reset Timers

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    Have you adjusted your sprinkler systems?

    Did you know now the days are cooler, shorter and the nights are much cooler your plants don’t need water as frequently? Yes most of us are already restricted to watering twice per week but established trees and even lawns can survive with less! As I learned from Farmer Fred this weekend, it is detrimental to the environment to completely turn off your sprinklers. At home, I began watering my lawn once per week a few weeks ago and guess what…it is still green.

    Some think Many plants die off in during the fall and winter, …” (source: Turlock Journal) so they don’t need water but that is not the case. Most plants go dormant in the winter but they are still alive. In our climate, even dormant plants continue to grow roots and are internally developing buds for growth next spring. If we do not get significant and regular rains this winter, they will still need some water. Depending on how warm and dry the winter is plants may still need watering every 2 weeks to one month during the dormant season. The City of Turlock is preparing to restrict watering days for the winter to one day per week from November 1st to February 28th and that is OK!! Established plants don’t need that much water in the winter.

    Instead, water deeply but less frequently! You will save your yard AND water at the same time. Not sure how long you should water? Drop by the nursery and ask us! We also offer a Timer Reset service too.


    19th Annual Christmas Open House

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    Open House 19th 2015

    Saturday November 7th from 6pm to 9pm

    Kick off your holidays with our much anticipated 19th annual Christmas Open House! It’s hard to believe that families have been kicking off their holidays with us for almost 20 years…Bring the family for cider, drawings and antique fire engine rides with Santa. The gift shop will be alive with the sights and sounds of the holidays: Thanksgiving décor in Beautiful fall colors as well as more than 20 ‘over the top’ themed Christmas trees. Debbie will sample a selection of yummy items from our Gourmet Pantry. Fire truck rides will run between The Greenery and our partners First Street Frame Company, Paul’s Paint, Party Connection and Pursley’s Interiors.

    Adding Fall Interest

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    Here’s a few new (and old) fall favorites that are sure to bring color to your yard.

    DSC_2384Limoncello Barberry


    DSC_2377-2Admiration Barberry


    DSC_2374Golden Carousel Barberry


    DSC_2405Black Lace Elderberry


    DSC_2400Sparkling Sangria Loropetalum


    DSC_2406Crimson Fire Loropetalum


    DSC_2398Amber Jubilee Physocarpus

    Stop by the nursery to see these and other fall foliage plants!

    by Allana of The Greenery

    Fall is for Planting

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    When October comes we think of the leaves changing color, pumpkins and trick-or-treaters. But we also need to think of October as the time to plant. New plants love the cooler weather as much as we do.

    DSC_2377 (1)

    Fall is the best time to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs because they have time to acclimate to their new home before summer. Often we think of spring as the best time to plant but that is not the case. Planting now gives your plants the longest time possible to get established before summer comes back around. Many think it is not a good time because the next season is winter, but this is when roots easily get established. When plants go dormant in winter, the energy is put into the roots, leaving months for them to build a healthy foundation. When spring comes, the plant is ready to focus it’s energy into new foliage and flowers. Think about planting now as a head start for your trees and shrubs.

    by Allana of The Greenery

    The Greenery welcomes Farmer Fred!

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    With the drought possibly stretching into the 5th year, gardeners are seriously reconsidering their landscapes. The Greenery has invited Fred Hoffman, aka. Farmer Fred to speak about gardening during the drought!

    101015 SocialMedia canvaFREE Drought Fighting Tools Seminar on Saturday, October 10th at 10am

    Speaker: Farmer Fred; aka Fred Hoffman radio personality, author, blogger on farmerfred.com, Farmer Fred Rant Blog Page and Get Growing with Farmer Fred Facebook page.

    Informative Seminar. Keeping your plants alive and healthy during a drought involves more than just choosing the “right plant for the right place”. Knowing when to water, how  to water, and how much (or, how little) to water is critical for managing your water bill, as well as your plants. This talk will feature an overview on how to use soil moisture meters and measuring devices, drip irrigation systems, soaker hoses, as well as intelligent sprinkler control systems. Also, how to keep your trees and shrubs alive while letting your nearby lawn die. Proudly sponsored by Kelloggs Garden Products.

    Seats are limited and this is a popular event. Click here to reserve your seat now.