• Labor Day Sale

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    2016 Labor Day FB header

    AUG 26 TO SEPT 5

    Select items from our:

    • Gift Shop items
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Solid Glazed Pottery
    • Pantry items
    • Hardgoods
    • Rose of Sharon bushes & trees
    • Roses
    • Shade Trees
    • Garden Art

    All sales are final and may not be combined with other discount offers.


    The Big Tomato Event

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    Join us for 3 Tomato-y events on July 30th, 2016.

    10am Preserving Tomatoes

    073016 SM_178 web click thruSpeaker: Adria, The Greenery’s Certified Preserving Expert
    Join Adria as she demonstrates how easy it is to preserve your own tomatoes including tomato sauce and beyond! Using her knowledge she will discuss proper preserving techniques for dehydrating, canning and freezing tomatoes and practical uses for your preserved tomato products. Copies of recipes included! Prior registration is requested. Reserve your seat here. (more…)

    Tecomas: Full Sun and Fast Growing

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    Tecomas or Esperanzas are captivating for their large trumpet shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds. The tropical-looking shrub can take full sun and low to moderate water.

    Tecoma 'Crimson Flare'

    Tecoma ‘Crimson Flare’

    IMG_0973 (1)
    Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.21.00 PM
    Tecoma ‘Solar Flare’

    Tecoma ‘Gold Star’

    This is the perfect example of a low-water plant that has soft looking foliage and doesn’t look dry or rough. Perhaps the most satisfying attribute of this plant is how fast it grows. Tecomas can grow up to 8′ x 8′ depending on the cultivar. Don’t need a shrub that large? Simply prune it to size and shape throughout the year. Tecomas are not completely frost-hardy, but any frost damage can easily be pruned out and you will see a new flush of growth in no time! We supply many different cultivars from Mountain States Nursery in different colors and growth rates. Stop by the nursery to see the hummingbirds and bees in action!

    Photo Credit: BudOhio

    Blooming Now at The Greenery

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    The days are warm and the nursery is in full bloom! Here’s what’s in flower right now:

    Aster Dwarf Mix. Sold in 6 packs, this drought tolerant annual can stand the heat while providing a cottage garden look.

    Chrysocephalum ‘Desert Flame’ is a low growing, low water perennial that seems to be in constant bloom at the nursery.

    Short Stuff Mix Zinnias are a colorful annual that keeps on giving. The full green foliage and consistent blooms can easily trick you into thinking it’s a perennial. Use in full sun in containers.



    Coreopisis ‘Early Sunrise’. Plant one 6 pack this summer or fall and have abundant blooms all spring through summer next year. It’s hard not to snap a picture of these when in full bloom.

    Wooly Butterfly Bush is very different looking than other Buddlejas. The orange globes attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

    Mimulus ‘Jelly Beans Tangerine’ or Monkeyflower is a cultivar of a California native often found on a hike along the coast.

    Becky Shasta Daisy is a perennial every cottage garden owner and Luther Burbank fan needs. The bright daisies are a perfect cut flower for the kitchen window.

    Oak Leaf Hydrangeas: A Year of Interest

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    Hydrangea q. Gatsby Pink 01

    Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are named for their similarly lobed leaves that look like Oak trees. Oak Leaf Hydrangeas offer year-round interest. In winter, you’ll notice it’s dramatic peeling bark. In spring, bright green leaves mark the start of the growing season followed by dramatic summer blooms that last until fall. In late fall, the leaves...

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    Blooming Buddlejas

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    Buddlejas, also commonly referred to as Butterfly Bush is appropriately named for it’s sweet smelling flowers that butterflies can’t resist. Butterfly bush is a summer favorite for it’s long bloom season. At the Greenery, we have found this plant in particular to be very responsive to deadheading. Clip spent blooms to keep the butterflies coming! This deciduous shrub takes full or part sun and is very low maintenance. Here are the very special cultivars we have chosen for this year:

    Buddleja Buzz Midnight 01 (1)
    Buddleja ‘Buzz Midnight’ is a dwarf cultivar reaching only 3-4′ tall.
    Buddleja Wisteria Lane 04
    Buddleja davidii ‘Wisteria Lane’ has weeping blooms that mimic Wisteria.
    Buddleja Miss Molly
    A customer favorite, Buddleja X ‘Miss Molly’, shows off it’s changing sangria-red, burgundy, and pink blooms summer through fall.
    Buddleja Lo N Behold Pink Microchip 02
    Buddleja X ‘Pink Micro Chip’ Lo & Behold, has smaller, light pink flowers similar to Salvia but the sweetness of butterfly bush.
    Buzz Velvet
    Buddleja davidii ‘Buzz Velvet’ has rich magenta colored blooms that contrast best in a chartreuse pot.
    To see and (smell) for yourselves, come to the nursery for our great selection of the best summer bloomer.
    For further advice in caring for your Buddleja plant check out, Thompson & Morgan’s post.

    Growing Herbs in Combo Planters: Themes

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    Grow these herbs together for a planter that suits your needs. Even if it’s the only thing growing in your yard, fresh herbs are worth growing. You’ll wonder why you ever used store-bought herbs. Tea Planter Grow Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Stevia and Mint together for a constant selection of fresh teas and sweeteners! German...

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    We Love Pollinators!

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    Botanical Interests is passionate about gardening, and passionate about pollinators. Did you know pollinators help us by pollinating a third or more of the food we eat? They also help repopulate plants and add diversity to the environment, therefore making an ecosystem more resilient. The simple action of sowing seeds is powerful. It can create habitats that protect and feed pollinators, strengthening their population.