• Mark your Calendars

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    Aug. 29 to SEPT. 1: 8am FRIDAY to 2pm MONDAY

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    Decorative Edible Ice Cubes!

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    Check out this beautiful & tasty recipe we just found from Republic of Tea!

    Find Republic of Tea, Iced Teas in our Pantry!

    Summer Fruit Tree Pruning

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    This method, created by Dave Wilson Nursery, called Backyard Orchard Culture is a method of pruning during the summer in addition to winter pruning, that keeps your fruit trees smaller! The theory is that in the summer the tree is already exhausted from growing new leaves and fruit in the spring. Pruning mid to late summer when the tree is already tired means that when you prune, the tree will not put on more growth or very much after your pruning, thereby keeping your tree smaller.

    When do you do it? (more…)

    Adria’s Favorite Tomato Recipes!

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    I have been asked many time to share my recipes. These are recipes that I have found somewhere (and failed to note the original source) or have adapted to my taste. These are all recipes that I almost exclusively cook or can from my garden! I hope you enjoy them as I do.

    Adria’s Pasta Sauce


    16 oz tomato sauce (see Adria’s Easy Tomato Sauce)

    1/2 lb ground beef (omit if only water bath) (more…)

    Another Preserving Tip…Journal!

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    For those who know me, I am an obsessive note taker. I am the crazy person who weighs and logs in all the produce from my garden (yeah I really do!). I also have a journal where I record my preserving endeavors. I do this for multiple reasons:

    1. So I know what I actually did! With the craziness of life I don’t need to try to remember these things, do¬† you?

    2. So I know what recipe I used. With all the resources out there these days I drive myself crazy trying to remember. Was it in my Ball Book? On Pinterest? Another website? Did I make any changes to the recipe?