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    Halloween Decor Sale

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    begins Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

    40% off

    Halloween Decor

    • includes table top and outdoor decor
    • includes fairy garden and flags
    • Halloween products only ONLY


    *Offer good on Halloween Themed Décor only. Everyday items like Lanterns, Pillar candles, candy and food items, fresh pumpkins and faux pumpkins not included. While supplies last.


    Fall & Winter Flowers

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    Fall is a great time to plant annuals in your yard for color all winter long and into spring.

    What to plant you say? Here’s a list of our favorites and how to use them, almost all of them grown locally by Fredriks Nursery!


    Sweet Peas – known for their sweet fragrance in the spring, sweet peas are often overlooked until they bloom at which time it is too late to plant here in the Central Valley. Best time to plant is in October whether by seed or start for their spring bloom. They will need a fine support system like trellis netting for their delicate little tendrils to wrap around as they grow. Dwarf “self supporting” varieties are available and are great additions to containers or hanging baskets. Grow in part to full sun.

    Calendula a.k.a. Pot Marigold (not pictured) – this annual is the the Marigold of the winter. Considered a mid range -tall growing flower for fall, the bright and cheery flower petals are edible and used in salads, soups and to color soaps and other homemade concoctions. Grow in part to full sun.

    Cyclamen on bench

    Cyclamen – I like to call them the Queens of the Winter. Not really an annual but more like a bulb, Cyclamen give non-stop color until the warm spring days arrive. Available in white, white with purple eye, pink, rose, purple, red, wine red and even in colors flamed with white. Super cute minis are available too. Plant cyclamen in the ground, containers or hanging baskets. Keep them blooming the best with regular fertilizing and deadheading by plucking the entire spent flower stem, do not cut. Grow them in shade, part shade or a cool, sunny spot. When they tire out in the warm days of spring, set them aside in a cool, dry area and water occasionally through the summer. Beginning in September when you see new leaves sprout, water regularly and fertilize and they will come back in to bloom for the winter! (more…)

    Fresh Pumpkins have arrived!!

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    Tips for keeping your pumpkins & ornamental squash fresh

    1. Keep them dry – especially underneath. Moisture from below will begin decomposition and rotting.
    2. Do not mar the skin – pumpkins have thick outer skin for protection. If the skin is scraped, scratched or poked the pumpkin will begin to rot.
    3. Don’t waste them – bake them! Many of the pumpkins and ornamental squash are tasty and great for baking after the season.


    Happy Pumpkin Season!

    How long should I run my drip system?

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    Did you know that drip systems put out VERY LITTLE water at one time? Drip emitters either put out as little as 1/2 gallon and up to 4 gallons of water per hour. This depends on which emitter was purchased and installed. If you are not putting enough water on your plants at each...

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    Not Just California Friendly…

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    It’s California’s Finest!

    When you imagine a “California friendly” yard, you might think of a dry landscape with gravel, a dry river bed, and a few plants that add a bit of greenery to the space. But, that’s not your only California friendly landscaping option. Recently, I visited a garden in Modesto that is a prime example of a lovely lush living space that would entice any homeowner to step outside in the valley heat. This green thumbed gardener lets her yard soak up the rain in the spring and hand waters only once a week in the summer!


    A healthy mix of varieties can keep your yard blooming all year round. Gardening with plants that spread can also help by smothering those pesky weeds!


    IMG_4614 (2)

    Native grasses can certainly add a beautiful backdrop to other garden elements such as natural stones, rocks, and bricks.


    Save a special space for succulents! They can thrive in this area as long as you remember to protect them from frost in the winter. They can also help you create a larger than life fairy garden for all ages to enjoy!


    Create some shady areas so you can enjoy your garden during the valley heat wave. This gardener created a dramatic pathway leading to the backyard, making even a short walk to the backyard very enjoyable.

    Tip: It’s ok if your California plants go a bit dormant in the summer, just like we do. They love the spring and fall, but mostly try and survive during the summer.

    Build your Backyard Oasis

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    The Building Blocks for Creating Structure in your Stylish Space.

    Another way of describing your yard is architecture in its natural form. Think of the architecture of your favorite building…it has style, strength and the capacity to take your breath away just by gazing upon it. Well, your yard can have the same effect and here’s how:



    Fill your space appropriately. Most yards can handle large trees and shrubs. Adding large “structural” elements to your yard can in fact make your yard seem larger than it is. By creating layers of sizes and shapes, it leaves your mind wondering if there is more beyond the layers and searching for that secret garden.



    Even the smallest structures can have a grand impact. Create visual drama with a simple boxwood by using the artful elements of line and design. Then fill the gaps with your favorite budding beauty.



    Leave plenty of space to stair step your structure…small shrubs in front, medium in the middle, and large in the back. This layering technique is sure to take you to the top of the home and garden favorites.



    If you are stripping your yard of sod, then don’t be afraid to fill it with large shrubs and trees. Define your space the way you would like to be defined so you and your garden will be happy.

    Thank you to the Crinklaw’s for providing an inspiring setting and allowing me to take photos for this blog.

    The Plant That Has It All

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    Barberry; the plant of many colors.

    Do you ever want the plant that has it all? A variety of colors, drought tolerant, full sun and little-to-no pruning. Well, look no further…Barberry is the match for you.

    This plant will add great interest to your yard, but is still easy to maintain. Here are a few varieties, but come in to pick your favorite!


    Disclaimer: Barberry is as it’s name describes, it has barbs which makes it a great barrier plant as well.


    Cabernet variety. Photo Credit: Bailey Nurseries