• Apricot Trees


    All-purpose freestone, sweet, aromatic, flavorful. Long-time No.1 apricot in California. Early bloom. Late June harvest in Central Calif. Estimated chill requirement: 400 hours or less. Self-fruitful.


    Long-time favorite of apricot fanciers for its exceptionally rich flavor and aroma. Reliable producer. Used fresh and for canning. 600 hours. Self-fruitful.

    Pixie-Cot Miniature

    Pixie-Cot is the first genetic dwarf apricot that meets the “Flavor Test” at Dave Wilson Nursery. The tree is compact, the fruit is medium sized, of fine quality and ripens around June 1st in California’s Central Valley. Estimated chill requirement: 600 hours. (Zaiger)

    Royal Rosa

    Extremely vigorous-more disease tolerant than other apricots. Bears young and heavy. Especially nice fruit: sweet, low acid, fine flavor. Very early harvest (late May in Central Calif.). Excellent backyard apricot. 500 hours. Self-fruitful. (Zaiger)


    Large, orange fruit with firm, sweet flesh. Early harvest, 2-3 weeks before Wenatchee Moorpark. Originated at Prosser, WA, introduced in 1989. Estimated chill requirement: 500 hours or less. Partly self-fruitful; biggest crops if cross-pollenized by another apricot.