• Plum Trees


    Maroon-colored skin and flesh. Sweet, with little or no tartness and a very pleasing, mild flavor. Prolonged harvest, mid-July to mid-August in Central Calif. Very productive. Narrow, upright habit. 400 hours. Self-fruitful.

    Emerald Beaut

    Light green skin, greenish-yellow to orange freestone flesh. Harvest begins late August in Central Calif. Ripe fruit continues to sweeten, becoming exceptionally sweet, but remaining crisp and crunchy. Ripe fruit holds on tree longer than any other stone fruit - two months or more! 600-700 hours. Pollenizer required: Beauty, Burgundy, Late Santa Rosa, Nubiana, Flavor King Pluot®.

    Santa Rosa

    Most popular plum in California & Arizona. Juicy, tangy, flavorful. Reddish-purple skin, amber flesh tinged red. Late June in Central Calif. 300 hours. Self-fruitful.