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    How to turn that peaceful garden painting into your backyard reality!

    Painted in WaterlogueMonet, Renoir, Kinkade &  Bob Ross are all artists we are familiar with because of the beautiful garden landscapes they painted. A cottage in the woods, lush gardens by the pond and a party in the garden are all images we daydream of having for ourselves. So, why not? Here are some seriously spectacular shrubs that are surely the source of many painters’ inspiration and are readily available to plant in your garden today!


    Weigela Minuet is a shrub bursting with color and is sure to inspire any painter. Photo Credit: Bailey Nurseries


    Spirea Superstar will always leave a lasting impression. Photo Credit: Bailey Nurseries


    Pink Lightning is sure to spark your gardening imagination.


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    1. Lucy
      April 1, 2017 at 1:20 am

      It can only be achieved by passion towards gardening. Garden depicted in the painting is awesome and really beautiful.

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