• Success with Blueberries!

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    Blueberries are incredibly useful plants. Not only do they give us these delicious berries but they are pretty spring through fall. Some varieties even have reddish stems in the winter! The key to planting blueberries is soil pH. Blueberries prefer 6.0 or below. Always use organic fertilizer on blueberries. Organic fertilizer makes them disease resistant, heat resistant and just healthier which means a prettier, more productive plant for us!




    Romantic Redbuds

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    You Can Grow That!

    Redbud trees are in bloom now which means this is a great time to pick your favorite! Redbuds are showy accent trees that are very drought tolerant once established. Best in full sun except as noted below. Water these trees deeply but not too frequently once they are established.

    Here’s a few of our varieties we have in stock now!



    You Can Grow That is a group of Garden Writers that Adria is a member of. This group is passionate about promoting gardening for the greater good.


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    These lesser know perennials add excellent, unique color for the shade. Hellebores are at their peak in the late winter and very early spring before anything else in the garden is thinking about coming alive. Add these to your shady flowerbeds with Azaleas, Camellias and ferns!

    How to grow

    Treat Hellebores like you do any other acid loving plant in our climate. Feed with Gardner & Bloome Rhododendron, Azalea and Camellia fertilizer 2-3 times per year. Water as needed being careful not to over water and that’s about it! As long as you prepare and maintain the soil for them, they will thrive for you!

    Happy Hellebore Season!


    Additionally I had a question if you could grow Hellebores in pots. Yes, you can but they will die to the ground in late summer which is why they are best as accents and not a focal point.

    Delicious Pepper Jellies

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    Now available in the Pantry located in our Garden Shop are a wide a selection of Gourmet foods including Pepper Jellies!

    Just arrived are:

    Cranberry Butter with Port was just restocked!

    Garlic Pepper Jelly and Sweet Onion Pepper Jelly is new to our selection. These make great marinades and glazes for your favorite cut of meat!

    Cranberry-Jalapeno split Pepper jellies are perfect for the holiday meal!

    New Delicious Gourmet Preserves

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    Our Private Label preserves make great seasonal gifts!

    Here’s a list of preserves that you will find in The Pantry, a new section in the Gift Shop that we are dedicating to food and kitchen goods.

    Christmas Magic begins at The Greenery

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    You’re invited to The Greenery’s 16th Annual Christmas Open House!

    Saturday November 10th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

    Kick off the holiday season with The Greenery and other local businesses!  Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Christmas season while strolling through the The Greenery’s Christmas Gift Shop.  We will be featuring delectable treats from Zuzu’s Candies. tastings available that night! Then hop on the antique fire truck with Santa and ride down to First Street to visit First Street Gallery and Pursley’s Interiors for more refreshments, door prizes and more!

    Don’t miss this magical evening.  See you there!


    Welcome to The Greenery Nursery’s new website!

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    Welcome to the new website of The Greenery Nursery and Garden Shop. We hope you find the new design easy to navigate and find what you are looking for! If there is something on the website that you can not find, drop us a line at info@greenerynsy.com. We will continue to add to the site as well!

    With our new website design you will now find Adria’s blog here on the homepage rather than on a separate page. Also look for a wider mix of posts on the homepage.

    Thanks for taking the time to look around. We hope you enjoy it!


    NEW Goose Creek Fragrances!

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    NEW fragrances and sizes in our Goose Creek line! Autumn, Orange Blossom, Whipped Pumpkin Latte, Maple Toddy, Vanilla Cashmere, Clean Linen…