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    Gifts you know will be loved, because they are already loved by so many! Read why the experts at The Greenery enjoy using these items and why they would recommend them as the perfect gift.



    Here to help!

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    Open 5:30-7:30pm

    Thursdays 12/1-12/22

    The Greenery Garden Shop will be open late these Thursday nights to help you get ready for the holidays!  Be it setting up beautiful mantel décor, picking out a special gift or putting together a custom gift basket, the gals in the gift shop will be here to help.  Bring  pictures along if you’d like help with a certain area of your home, our staff will be here to lend their expertise and wonderful eye for design to help you finish your holiday  decorating.

    Debbie will be on hand with samples from the Gourmet Pantry. She is a real ‘foodie’ and can give you ideas on different ways to use the items in our Pantry or help you create a basket of them as a one of a kind gift.  As always our staff will be ready to help you with any gift giving needs. We will be here to help you pick out your special gifts and get them wrapped  so you will be ready to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

    Free reusable shopping bag with purchase!


    Plate your Heart Out!

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    Bake your heart out this holiday season and put it on a plate…

    I think my neighbors and friends will prefer this treat rather than ANOTHER box of See’s candy or plate of cookies. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some sweets but sometimes enough is enough! Let’s work together to be guilt free this holiday season.


    It tastes like Christmas!


    AND the kids will love it!





















    The Farmer’s Palette Blog

    Ornamental Love

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    I want you to imagine the individuals that touched your life this year…

    Doctors, Nurses, Coaches, Teachers, Veterans, Farmers, Mothers, Brothers, etc. We all have someone to be thankful for!

    Start out their holiday with joy by giving them “ornamental love” for them to hang on their tree. It is a way to tell them how much you appreciate them, just by doing what they do best.

    ornament-serviceornament-drornament coachelves

    The Greenery has many themed Christmas trees adorned with ornamental love.


    The Farmer’s Palette Blog



    The Gardener’s Gift

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    Holiday care packages are fun to send and receive! I just sent this package off to my sister for her Birthday.


    I included goodies from the garden and added in a refreshing hand soap for after she finishes peeling those pesky pomegranates.

    Garden inspired hand soap and lotion would be a great addition to any gardener’s green thumb.


    Check out the cornucopia of soaps and lotions they have in The Greenery gift shop!

    The Farmer’s Palette Blog

    Baby it’s Cold Outside!

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    During these cold mornings and even colder nights, there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea and a spoon full of honey to warm me up from the inside out.


    I love using local goods whenever possible, so you can imagine how excited I was to find TURLOCK honey at The Greenery!!!  Live local, eat local, bee local 😉


    Luckily for me, they also have a variety of tea flavors for the variety of my moods… (more…)

    An Open House to Remember

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    At this year’s open house, I found the perfect gift for this holiday season…I’m going to give the gift of “Home” for the holidays!

    I am always unsure of what to give friends and relatives for Christmas, especially for those who live out of town or even out of the country. I want that perfect balance of a meaningful, personalized, useable and affordable gift…but then again, who doesn’t? Lucky for us, the Central Valley is our “Home” and is an inspiration for many locals to get their homemade goods from their house to ours.

    Meet some of the local creators… (more…)

    Mother, Artist, & Greenery blogger.

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    Introducing Galen



    Inspiration comes in all forms, but I certainly find mine when I’m outside in the garden or inside my art studio “The Farmer’s Palette”. As a young girl, my family owned an art store on Main Street and I’d often find myself walking across the street and into The Greenery. I was drawn to the colors, smells, and shapes and I knew I had to by a flat of flowers to plant in the ground. To no surprise, I still find myself at The Greenery, but now it’s either because I’m ready to plant this season’s food garden for my family to enjoy, finding inspiration for my next artistic endeavor, or just on a landscaping mission! I am a mother of two boys by day, an art therapy facilitator by night, a professional picture framer by trade, a gardener any time I am able to sink my hands into the earth and an almond farmer on the weekends. I invite you to join me on my journey as I continue to find inspiration at The Greenery and see how it blooms and grows along the way!