• In anticipation of Tomato Season…

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    Here it is, the end of February and thanks to wet, cold winter we had we are ALL itching to plant the summer garden! Well, do your best to hold your horses. as we are still 4 plus weeks away from the last day of frost!! This means that if warm season veggies are planted now and we get a very cold night, the plants will be damaged if not killed. Also, early season tomatoes are at higher risk of insect and disease damage long before they set their first fruit. Now, if we have an oddly warm and dry spring then your gamble may pay off.

    As for me, I am dying to get things planted as well but I am not. I NEVER plant my tomatoes in the ground before the beginning of March is this is only done with protection like a Wall of Water or in a greenhouse. Yet I still plant the majority of my tomatoes in early to mid April. I currently have tomato starts in my greenhouse with more seeds going in now, but that is it.

    If you want to research and plan your summer garden, particularly tomato varieties, here are the varieties we are expecting from Fredriks Nursery, our local bedder supplier. These will all be the varieties of tomatoes that you could special order or watch for them to arrive in the nursery! Want to learn more about growing Tomatoes? We will have a Growing Tomatoes seminar at The Greenery coming in April. Watch our events page here: www.greenerynsy.com/events.

    I’d love to hear from you what will you do? Gamble on early season or will you plant? Leave your feedback in the comments!


    Plant a Seed

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    5 Cool Veg from seed blog image_600

    Now is the perfect time to get started with seeds! Start your tomato, eggplant and pepper seeds indoors, and your beet and carrot seeds out in your garden right now.

    Here’s what you’ll need: (more…)

    Tired of Winter?

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    These showy plants start blooming early to give us a break from the drab winter landscape.

    This time of year, I’m starting to get a little antsy to see new growth, a change of color and scenery. I guess you could say I’m getting impatient for impatiens. I found out there’s no need to be hasty and plant annuals that aren’t quite ready for planting. Check out these varieties that will get you excited about this time of year!


    This Scarlet Quince makes a beautiful cut flower arrangement to enjoy indoors! Photo Credit: Proven Winners


    The Scented Garden

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    When purchasing plants, it is our natural instinct to smell it before buying it. We all enjoy smells for different reasons, whether it’s a nostalgic smell from our childhood or simply a smell that reminds us what time of year it is. If there is a certain scent that sends your smelling sense soaring, then start planting!

    Tip – Plant quite a few plants and group them together by variety in order to fill your yard with a powerful punch of sweet aroma.


    Here are some seriously stimulating scented shrubs worth smelling (and planting):


    Osmanthus; Evergreen shrub that blooms in late summer or early fall. Photo Credit: Monrovia


    Philadelphus (Mock Orange); Large shrub that blooms in spring. Photo Credit: Monrovia


    Gardenia; Small evergreen shrub that blooms spring to summer. Photo Credit: First Editions


    Lavender; Evergreen shrub that blooms spring to summer. Photo Credit: Me


    Potted Paradise

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    Areas that can’t be planted, can be potted. Sometimes our yards make decisions for us. Landscaping woes can happen when there is a pipe running through the hole you just dug, a tree that’s a little too ambitious about establishing roots or cement that poured itself right where you want the perfect plant. Well,...

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    Wet Weather Garden Tips

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    Boy has it been wet and cold! California hasn’t seen a winter like this is quite a while. While we need the rain there are a few things to be aware of with all this moisture.


    The Greenery Difference

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    The true difference between The Greenery and bargain box store plants.

    The main assumption made is that The Greenery Difference = $. When comparing different plant brands, Jay DeGraff the owner of The Greenery, doesn’t deny there is a small $ difference, but clarifies the reasons why. We spent an hour and a half talking about this subject, but I will try and sum it up using the 5 W’s.


    New Roses Arriving

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    Photo credit: Weeks Roses

    Photo credit: Weeks Roses

    The Greenery Rose Garden features hand selected varieties from Star and Weeks Roses including old favorites and new hybrids.

    New Roses will be here soon! For those who can’t wait for them to arrive, here is a list of roses that we expect.

    Click here to see list.