Buddlejas, also commonly referred to as Butterfly Bush is appropriately named for it’s sweet smelling flowers that butterflies can’t resist. Butterfly bush is a summer favorite for it’s long bloom season. At the Greenery, we have found this plant in particular to be very responsive to deadheading. Clip spent blooms to keep the butterflies coming! This deciduous shrub takes full or part sun and is very low maintenance. Here are the very special cultivars we have chosen for this year:

Buddleja Buzz Midnight 01 (1)
Buddleja ‘Buzz Midnight’ is a dwarf cultivar reaching only 3-4′ tall.
Buddleja Miss Molly
A customer favorite, Buddleja X ‘Miss Molly’, shows off it’s changing sangria-red, burgundy, and pink blooms summer through fall.
Buddleja Lo N Behold Pink Microchip 02
Buddleja X ‘Pink Micro Chip’ Lo & Behold, has smaller, light pink flowers similar to Salvia but the sweetness of butterfly bush.
Buzz Velvet
Buddleja davidii ‘Buzz Velvet’ has rich magenta colored blooms that contrast best in a chartreuse pot.
To see and (smell) for yourselves, come to the nursery for our great selection of the best summer bloomer.
For further advice in caring for your Buddleja plant check out, Thompson & Morgan’s post.