The Building Blocks for Creating Structure in your Stylish Space.

Another way of describing your yard is architecture in its natural form. Think of the architecture of your favorite building…it has style, strength and the capacity to take your breath away just by gazing upon it. Well, your yard can have the same effect and here’s how:


Fill your space appropriately. Most yards can handle large trees and shrubs. Adding large “structural” elements to your yard can in fact make your yard seem larger than it is. By creating layers of sizes and shapes, it leaves your mind wondering if there is more beyond the layers and searching for that secret garden.


Even the smallest structures can have a grand impact. Create visual drama with a simple boxwood by using the artful elements of line and design. Then fill the gaps with your favorite budding beauty.


Leave plenty of space to stair step your structure…small shrubs in front, medium in the middle, and large in the back. This layering technique is sure to take you to the top of the home and garden favorites.


If you are stripping your yard of sod, then don’t be afraid to fill it with large shrubs and trees. Define your space the way you would like to be defined so you and your garden will be happy.

Thank you to the Crinklaw’s for providing an inspiring setting and allowing me to take photos for this blog.

June 2, 2017

What a great garden/yard! Which type of plant is that, filling in the middle parts of the boxwood (second picture)? And what is the ground cover material used around the boxwood areas? Is that wood mulch or a tan-colored decomposed crushed granite?

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