The cucumber is one of the top five most popular garden vegetables, probably because it is adaptable and very easy to grow. Cucumbers require significant water – when grown in very high temperatures or with inadequate water, they can become increasingly bitter. Many of the newer varieties we carry, though, have no bitterness even under stress. They grow best in full sun, prefer a light, fertile, well drained soil, and long, deep waterings rather than frequent sprinklings. Cucumbers also adapt well to vertical growing … help the young cucumber plants find the structure by placing their tendrils around the support. Cucumbers also do very well in containers if kept properly moist. They also do well in greenhouses and cold frames.

There are three rules for harvesting cucumbers – pick, pick, pick. If mature fruit is left on the vine, the plant figures it has finished production and will stop setting fruit. To harvest, cut the cuke from the plant rather than twisting it. Refrigerate as soon as possible.

Cucumber Armenian: 65 days. This cucumber is more closely related to muskmelon. Even those that don’t like cucumbers love this variety!

Cucumber Homemade Pickles: 55 days. Unarguably the best cucumber available for pickles. Also great for salads. 4′ compact vines. Excellent disease resistance.

Cucumber Lemon: 65 days. This adorable cucumber looks like a lemon, eats like an apple! Sweet and crisp, mild flavor. Slicer or pickler.

Cucumber Baby Persian: 48 days. Snack size, seedless, thin skinned, non-bitter, for the greenhouse or garden. High yielding, & starts early. Delicious eaten in the garden, packed into a lunch box, or added to salad, these crunchy mini-cucumbers are quite tasty!

Cucumber Spacemaster: 62 days. A very compact, bushy plant that won’t take over your entire garden. Very small, 2′ – 3′ vines won’t take up the whole garden and is great for containers.

Cucumber Straight Eight: 63 days. This very vigorous and productive slicing cucumber introduced in 1935, is excellent for salads and pickles. Older variety, still around because of great performance. All – America Selections Winner.