As we are all aware, bees are really important to the ecosystem as well as our food sources. This winter began with warm and dry afternoons leaving the bees out searching for sustenance. I realize this is already January and it has finally begun to rain. The days are beginning to grow longer, the soil will start warming so it is a great time for planting! So toss out some seeds, enjoy the blooms to come and relax knowing you helped the bees.

Here is a list of seeds to plant now:

  • California Poppies
  • Borage – also an edible herb!
  • Cilantro – also an edible herb!
  • Parsley – also an edible herb!
  • Lupine
  • Wildflower mixes

Here is a list of plants to plant now:

  • Alyssum
  • Calendulas
  • Cheiranthus
  • Iceland Poppy
  • Parsley – also an edible herb!
  • Stock


Want to read more? Here is a great article on Winter Gardening for Bees.