During Christmas shopping season, it can be overwhelming to put gift ideas together for so many people. We can help you create a gift basket that is wrapped and ready to give when you walk out the door. Here are some ideas for this season!

Everyone has a friend that is “The Hostess,” the friend loves to entertain! The Gourmet Pantry is the perfect place to start with unique serving utensils, seasonal dinnerware, flameless candles and and home decor!

The baker might like our new favorite Tonewood Maple Cubes. Grated on desserts and hot drinks, it’s a unique gift that you know they won’t receive elsewhere. Baskets could include: an apron, our top quality vanilla and local honey!

Don’t forget about the new parents! We have a selection of newborn ornaments to remember a very special year. Baskets could also include: children’s books, clothing accessories, and gifts for the new mother like lotions, scented candles, and warm slippers!

The friend that loves to garden might like a new pair of gloves, hand tools, and gardening books!

We have an ornament for every ornament collector, musical instruments, sports teams, animals, angels and many more! Give them an extra pack of ornament hangers, a couple special ornaments to add to their collection, and garland.

We are open until 2pm Christmas Eve and check out our Christmas Shopping Nights!

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