Here it is, finally Fall in California’s Central Valley. Who isn’t happy about the cooler days? Well the insects aren’t happy. The shorter, cooler days have triggered them to begin to prepare for winter. This is why all the sudden ants are trying to get inside our homes, mosquitoes are frantically biting and flies zip in the house every time a door opens. There are things you can do
to reduce, if not eliminate these annoying bugs.
For flies trapping is the best way to reduce populations. My favorite and most successful trap is this Rescue trap. It is not pretty to look at when full of flies and it smells but that it what makes it work so well! Just put it about 20′ from a doorway, you won’t smell it from that distance but the flies will!
For Ants, you can eliminate them but it helps to understand them a bit. You’ve probably noticed that at first you may see just one or 2 ants in your kitchen, bath or elsewhere in your home. The next day you might see a couple more but they appear to be randomly searching, no trail has formed yet. These are the scouts. They are looking for whatever the colony needs, whether it be food, water or a new home. Don’t disturb the scouts. If you kill them, they will just send more in their stead. Be patient. Within 48 hours of seeing the first scout a trail will begin to form. Once a good trail forms it is time to bait. I love these Terro liquid bait traps for indoors. Just open one of these traps, set very close to the trail where it won’t be in your way or disturbed by daily ongoings in your household, and wait. Within 24 hours the ants will find the bait and begin to feed on it. The trail may even get thicker at first. Within 24 to 48 hours the ants WILL die.
The last, most annoying but also the most concerning are mosquitoes. With the frequency West Nile viruses it is really important to do your best to control mosquitoes. You can spray a perimeter spray using Monterey’s new Mosquito Control. You should also use Mosquito Bits in standing water that can not be dumped every couple days or even in wet soil or planter beds. Mosquito Bits are safe to use around animals. It is merely a strain of Bt that feed on the mosquito larvae before they mature. Now in stock is the Mosquito Go Granules. This is used as a repellent in the entire yard and is all natural Cedarwood oil. This also repels flies and other nuisances flying insects but not beneficial insects!