It’s California’s Finest!

When you imagine a “California friendly” yard, you might think of a dry landscape with gravel, a dry river bed, and a few plants that add a bit of greenery to the space. But, that’s not your only California friendly landscaping option. Recently, I visited a garden in Modesto that is a prime example of a lovely lush living space that would entice any homeowner to step outside in the valley heat. This green thumbed gardener lets her yard soak up the rain in the spring and hand waters only once a week in the summer!

A healthy mix of varieties can keep your yard blooming all year round. Gardening with plants that spread can also help by smothering those pesky weeds!


IMG_4614 (2)
Native grasses can certainly add a beautiful backdrop to other garden elements such as natural stones, rocks, and bricks.
Save a special space for succulents! They can thrive in this area as long as you remember to protect them from frost in the winter. They can also help you create a larger than life fairy garden for all ages to enjoy!
Create some shady areas so you can enjoy your garden during the valley heat wave. This gardener created a dramatic pathway leading to the backyard, making even a short walk to the backyard very enjoyable.

Tip: It’s ok if your California plants go a bit dormant in the summer, just like we do. They love the spring and fall, but mostly try and survive during the summer.