As an avid home preserver I highly recommend considering preserving. You don’t have to preserve EVERYTHING but choose something that your family eats a lot of and that you have time to preserve and do it! There’s nothing better than homegrown and home canned produce. Of course it isn’t practical to grow everything or maybe you don’t have enough from the garden for a batch to preserve. I recommend checking out the Turlock Farmers Market or your local fresh produce stand!

There are lots of easy ways to preserve the harvest to enjoy through the winter as well. When considering preserving, the first thing is to decide how you would use the end product? One thing I learned a couple summers ago was that I love pesto so I made some from my abundant basil plants and froze it in 8 ounce jars. Well come to find out my family doesn’t love pesto like I do so now I need to freeze it in ice cube trays so it is portioned just for me.

The previous few years I have made lots of plain tomato sauce and canned it so I can make my own sauces during the cooler months when I cook alot. Well since my son is now is in school I don’t have as much time to cook so now I need to prepare the sauces that I normally would make and can them now.

Also think about what you prefer the fruits or vegetables to taste like and how much work/time/materials you have to use. I love canned corn much better than frozen. For some reason I am very sensitive to the tastes of frozen foods so I can it. Corn, unless it is pickled, needs to be pressured canned which means more time and a pressure canner to buy. So I did, but that is my preference.

I recommend determining what you want to preserve then research how to preserve it and decide how you want to. Make sure to use reputable sources for preserving, especially canning, directions and recipes. Preserving isn’t hard but attention to detail is required. I recommend the Ball Blue Book of Preserving available now at The Greenery along with any canning supplies you will need! Have more questions? Drop by the nursery and ask for me, Adria or follow us on Pinterest!

So what do you want or plan on preserving? Leave your answers in the comment section, I’d love to hear them!

Happy Harvesting and Preserving!


P.S. Here is my favorite online resource for preserving the National Center for Home Food Preservation


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