Tecomas or Esperanzas are captivating for their large trumpet shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds. The tropical-looking shrub can take full sun and low to moderate water.

Tecoma 'Crimson Flare'

Tecoma ‘Crimson Flare’

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Tecoma ‘Solar Flare’

Tecoma ‘Gold Star’

This is the perfect example of a low-water plant that has soft looking foliage and doesn’t look dry or rough. Perhaps the most satisfying attribute of this plant is how fast it grows. Tecomas can grow up to 8′ x 8′ depending on the cultivar. Don’t need a shrub that large? Simply prune it to size and shape throughout the year. Tecomas are not completely frost-hardy, but any frost damage can easily be pruned out and you will see a new flush of growth in no time! We supply many different cultivars from Mountain States Nursery in different colors and growth rates. Stop by the nursery to see the hummingbirds and bees in action!

Photo Credit: BudOhio