When purchasing plants, it is our natural instinct to smell it before buying it. We all enjoy smells for different reasons, whether it’s a nostalgic smell from our childhood or simply a smell that reminds us what time of year it is. If there is a certain scent that sends your smelling sense soaring, then start planting!

Tip – Plant quite a few plants and group them together by variety in order to fill your yard with a powerful punch of sweet aroma.


Here are some seriously stimulating scented shrubs worth smelling (and planting):

Osmanthus; Evergreen shrub that blooms in late summer or early fall. Photo Credit: Monrovia
Philadelphus (Mock Orange); Large shrub that blooms in spring. Photo Credit: Monrovia
Gardenia; Small evergreen shrub that blooms spring to summer. Photo Credit: First Editions
Lavender; Evergreen shrub that blooms spring to summer. Photo Credit: Me