Why do I “put up” all kinds of fruit and fruit preserves? I have a young family who love sweets, like most of us, however as a Mom I am concerned with processed foods, food additives and excessive sugar that we find in so many of our foods today.

Using preserves, marmalades, jams or jellies, especially if they don’t set up well, you can skip the excessive sugar and food additives in many foods! Try:

● Flavor plain yogurt or greek yogurt

● use on pancakes or waffles

● Flavor smoothies or ice cream

● Ice cream topping

● Ice pops or ice cream cones

● pour over a block of cream cheese for a pretty & tasty appetizer


Here’s a few more ideas:

Looser or runny preserves can be added to Lemonade, Limeade, sodas or tea. Think cherry lemonade, Strawberry Limeade or Cherry Coke! Strain solids if preferred.

Do you mix your own drinks? Skip the Grenadine and use the liquid from Cherry Preserves!

Marmalades or savory jams/jellies can be used to baste meat…think Orange Chicken!


Looking for recipes? Most of my favorites are found in the Ball Blue Book however I am always on the lookout for different recipes. Pinterest can be a great resource but when it comes to preserving, especially canning, make sure the recipe is safe for home canning because unfortunately, not all are!


Be creative!

– Adria