Botanical Interests is passionate about gardening, and passionate about pollinators. Did you know pollinators help us by pollinating a third or more of the food we eat? They also help repopulate plants and add diversity to the environment, therefore making an ecosystem more resilient. The simple action of sowing seeds is powerful. It can create habitats that protect and feed pollinators, strengthening their population.

The 4 “P”s of Pollinator-Friendly Gardening 

Plant Flowers: Provide food for pollinators by sowing flowers, especially native varieties.
Plant diversity: Plant a diversity of colors, bloom times, and heights.
Provide water: In your water feature, create small islands with stones where pollinators can land, and climb in and out.
Pass on pesticides: Rather than using pesticides, look for organic ways to block pests, disrupt their life cycle, and invite their predators.

Here’s our favorite go-to pollinators that we frequently have in stock at the nursery:

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