Boy has it been wet and cold! California hasn’t seen a winter like this is quite a while. While we need the rain there are a few things to be aware of with all this moisture.

  1. Empty saucers – Plants in containers out in the rain can get soaked and down right drown if the saucers are not emptied as often as possible.
  2. Empty any standing water – there are winter mosquitoes so make sure to eliminate their breeding grounds.
  3. Snails and slugs LOVE moisture! – If you have anything in the garden now, make sure you have added snail bait. Our favorite rainproof and almost non-toxic snail bait is Sluggo!
  4. Moss – while the rain tends to green things up it can also green up the garden and hardscapes with slippery moss. Pick up Moss Out (on sale 25% off now too!) to knock it out and prevent unsightly greening or a slippery accident!